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The treatment of New Zealand families dealing with child access issues after separation is shameful and in many instances gender biased. We are seeking better outcomes – it’s time for change.

The NZBF believe these issues include, but are not limited to, child access on separation, support calculations, allowing no fact evidence and delays and rulings in the Family Court system.  

The NZBF is committed to lobbying government to fix policy so that it provides mandatory access outcomes for fathers, removing the high financial and emotional burden of Family Court involvement. Fathers deserve equal opportunity for shared parenting with shared costs, providing a more equitable child support payment system. 

Statistics are very clear regarding the negative social impact children from fatherless families have on our society. The NZBF can no longer stand by and allow flawed social policy to damage the future of our nation.

Fathers affected by no access or limited child access are more likely to deal with long lasting problems that include emotional distress, anger & domestic violence issues, mental health issues, social isolation, substance abuse and an unwillingness to comply with the courts or the law generally.

We believe by providing  a more equatable plan that promotes the role of shared parenting, 50/50 were suitable which would be supported by a flat rate child payment based on national welfare calculations, we could achieve a fair balance in the financial care of children that allows for active participation by both parents  in raising children in a separated family.

We also suggest a change in how payments are accepted from payers and processed to payees with transactions managed by Work and Income NZ. This would provide a guarantee of on time and in full payments further reducing potential  issues in high conflict situations while generally providing easier to manage financial outcomes for both parties.

Parents should have natural rights of access and a legal responsibility to care for their children, we suggest these changes will go along way toward providing positive life outcomes for children, families and our society.

Our policy’s relate to the main issues arising from the break up of relationships with children and reflect a common thread found among families dealing with access problems.

  • Equal shared care on separation with mandatory enforcement.
  • Remove the child support calculations and replace with a flat rate child payment.
  • Introduction of heavy penalties for unfounded abuse allegations.
  • Capped cost outcomes associated with Family Court access.
  • Establishment of a family access tribunal for child access issues.
  • Criminalize parental alienation as child abuse.

Kids need both parents and society deserves better outcomes from the system.

Payers deserve a more equatable system that promotes shared costs with shared parenting, that doesn’t impact on their financial freedom and prosperity.

Payees should be encouraged to re-enter the workforce in some capacity as soon as possible to contribute equally to the family unit and provide for their own support and child care needs.

Both parents deserve the freedom and ability to access children without the need to spend thousands of dollars in the family court.

Both parents need to be free from threats of violence or intimidation.

Implementation of these basic parental rights of access should be the priority for every community leader!


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