meetings & events

Join us and voice your concerns and discuss issues that affect you as a father. Your attendance is an important part of developing policies that provide real solutions nationally… 

Direct Action Events

Direct action events run weekly in most capital cities with team members attending the family courts to offer support to families and raise awareness of our call for change. You can join a DA team by contacting New Zealand Brotherhood of Fathers on Facebook.



T-shirt Fund Raiser

Please help us promote the #notyourright campaign by sharing this image and by using #notyourright in any of your social media posts!

You can also purchase a t-shirt and show those in your community that change happens when you make it happen. Funds from t-shirt sales will help run direct action events nationally!




Direct Action

The NZBF direct action program commences the end of June 2015.

All members are invited to take part in the peaceful and legal public protests.

Change comes when you do more than ask!

Contact the NZBF organizer via email or social media for further details!



You need to be proactive and we need your support!

We are always keen to get together and discuss a way forward for all families in New Zealand.  Without your input and support national policies are developed that do not meet our needs as fathers and resources for men’s and fathers rights do not get delivered or miss their mark.

Make yourself know to us and help us help you!