Welcome to the NZBF’s #notyourright campaign that seeks to highlight the misconception some parents have that they can restrict access to our children after separation and profit from loop holes in current social policy.

We are also concerned by the actions of the family law industry that happily strip the financial future of New Zealand families who seek help from the family courts when child access after separation becomes difficult to manage.

It is our belief fathers and their families are experiencing a new stolen generation of children who lose access to parents when the family unit separates.

Current social policies from government do not provide mandatory access for parents and in turn actively support behaviors that focus on a cash for kids program that is damaging our society.

We want all involved in New Zealand social policy to understand that it is…

  • Not your right to restrict my access to our children
  • Not your right to make false allegations of abuse
  • Not your right to restrict my financial freedom
  • Not your right to profit from my broken family

#notyourright is our war cry to remind society that the system is stealing our children and stealing our financial future.

For details on how the NZBF intends to address theses issues refer to our policy.

Check out our store and grab a pack of 20 postcards that you can send to your local member of parliament. Help support our fund raising efforts that allow us to take this message of awareness to the public via direct action in our towns and cities!


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