role models

Fathers need to take a leading role in a child’s life, there are so many wonderful lessons to pass on and experiences to share. By the time most men are starting a family they have made good and bad decisions and understand the positive and negative outcomes both bring.

Now more than ever our society needs fathers to provide strong role models to our children that are growing up with video games, celebrities and the internet as the main reference points on how they should live, communicate and behave.

We at the NZBF believe kids need both parents to provide love, care and guidance so they can grow into responsible adults and valued members of society.

dad cooking

As a New Zealand father you are needed more than ever before to pass on important life skills that include good morals, a decent work ethic, sound decision making abilities for our future leaders. You have a role to play to help them to develop good self esteem and effective communication skills that will give them a great start in life. Your contact and love from the very beginning will help provide the foundation for being a healthy, happy and successful Kiwi.

Stand up and be a positive, proactive role model and decision maker in their lives, they need it and the country needs it!


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